We recognize that each healthcare organization has its own set of strategic, operational, and financial challenges. Our experienced teams tailor our solutions and delivery to achieve your desired outcomes. We offer flexible Engagement Models that have been developed and refined through our experiences across multiple care settings and client nuances.

Focus On Your Patient and We Handle The Rest..

Does your medical facility want to focus on core medical functions, minimize billing denials, + increase efficiency in the billing process, cut down on costs, and ensure timely reimbursement all at the same time? Outsourcing medical billing and coding to skilled offshore service providers like Highlake Technology Care can help you avail all the above mentioned benefits without any hassles. As our customer, your medical facility can get access to quality medical coding and billing, while reducing your current operating costs by at least 40%. Our end-to-end medical billing and coding solutions can meet all your needs, from following up on pending medical claims, to getting reasons for denied claims, tracking receivable balances, or initiating collections.

We Provide End-To-End Services as follows:

We are Providing End-To-End Services as follows, one-step, full-service medical billing solution that offers nationwide medical (US, Canada)billing services and life cycle solutions for medical providers.

1. Provider credentialing
2. Demographics and patient scheduling
3. Eligibility and benefits verification
4. Authorization/ Referral
5. CPT/ICD 10 coding
6. Charge entry
7. Claim submission
8. Clearinghouse and rejection check
9. Eft / Era and payment posting
10. AR follow up and denial management
11. Patient billing and statements
12. Customized reporting
We focus on:

Patient: Respect the confidentiality of your info. PHI/ePHI.      Provider: Commited to boost your revenue cycle.    Payer: Proud to protect our families.