Our organization comprehends the biomolecular mechanisms that trigger biomedical phenomena by developing sophisticated computational approaches and tools to findings this discovery process from a secure and sustainable data hub to cross-disciplinary AI/ML analysis and data integration. We analyze a wide spectrum of biological and clinical data, including data -biomolecular sequences, expression profiles, epigenetics data, 3D structures of macromolecules, and biological tissue and macroscopic imaginings from home-grown and international academic, hospital, and industry collaborators, public resources, and our own experiments. Our applied research diversifies into infectious diseases, computational toxicology, bioactive/biomolecules product research, precision medicine, cancer research, and new drug discovery.

Biotechnological CRO highly specialized in genomics and bioinformatics services. We are experts in DNA/RNA: its obtention, its low and high-throughput analysis, its comprehensive interpretation, and its applications. Our company is divided into the main following units: - Life Sciences Research Unit - CRO - Genomics.

Transcriptomics. EpiGenomics. MetaGenomics, Services, and products to facilitate your genomics research pipeline (Sanger, Microarray and NGS Laboratory Services, Bioinformatics Services). Appreciated qualities: Proximity; Scientific Information; High-Quality; Fast turn-around times; Dedicated Project Managers;

We are serves 24/7 Customer Support; Technical Accuracy and Consistency. - Clinical Genomics Unit Genetic Human Research & Diagnostic. Personal Genomics. Pharmaco Genomics. Research, Diagnostic & Preventive DNA testing services (Panels, exome, whole-genome, etc.). Interpretation and clinical genetic counseling for high-throughput genetic studies. Validated and quality certified services. Valuable attributes: Certified Quality and Procedures; Fast turn-around times; Compromise; Clinical Interpretation; Expert Genetic Counseling. - Translational & Consumer Genomics Unit NutriGenomics, Cosmeto Genomics, DNA-based products. Strategic business-innovation consultancy to design, analyze, formalize and create market disruptive products and services. Valuable attributes: Disruptive innovation; Technical Know-how; Business Experience; Professionality; Security; Confidentiality.

Specialties & Services

Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Next Generation Sequencing, Nutrigenomics, Personalized Medicine, Agrigenomics, Pharmacogenomics, Microarray, Genetics, Genetic Diagnostics & Counselling, Biotechnology, Cosmetogenomics, Translational Research, DNA, and RNA, New Drug Discovery.

Certificate Courses:

We Bioinformatics training course focused on bioinformatics course and computational biology training course, NGS, CADD or drug design course or computational chemistry course, and MMD Training Courses includes comprehensive interactive lectures and sessions on various courses like CADD or drug design course or computational chemistry course, MMD, Bioinformatics, Protein Modeling and Simulation, Cheminformatics etc.

We are covering different modules of courses e.g. Computer-Aided Drug Discovery Training course or drug design course or computational chemistry course, NGS data analysis Training course, Molecular Modelling Simulation Training Course & Life science software development course wherein you learn from industry leaders how to apply these skills in life science & have a command over software developing process by using various methodologies like data curation, application development, docking studies, primer designing, QSAR, homology modelling, protein simulation.

Our Popular course offers: